Sunday, March 18, 2012

Apparel Breakdown

Shot by Anthony Willis.

Since it's apparently spring season you will see me more dressing on the preppy side. Preppy looks are my favorites because that's what I fell in love with when I discovered the fun that is called fashion! Yay! I will  wear more patterns and more colors to add more character to looks. These days preppy fashion has gotten louder and I will be here screaming at the of my lungs. Let's have some fun ya'll.

Note: This is another all thrift bought outfit.

My upper body is made up of:
  • White button up by Brooks Brothers purchased at Ann's Closet. $5.00
  • J.Crew paisley pattern tie purchased at Ann's Closet. $3.00
  • Banana Republic multi colored/patterned vest purchased at a Salvation Army. $4.00
  • J.Crew beige courdoroy (esp? one ever knows! ) bought at Ann's Closet. $8.00
  • Vintage leather backpack from Hell's Kitchen flea market. $30.00

The lower body is made up of:
  • Orange jeans by Uniqlo purchased at Ann's Closet. $5.00
  • Bass two-toned lace ups purchased from Ann's Closet. $20.00
Here is a video with my friend Kate of us thrifting for the vest at a Salvation Army in NJ.



  1. Very nice bargains all around!

  2. wow i love ur vest!! i saw it in one of ur vids! you have killer style my friend :)

  3. love the waistcoat! I have followed u would u like to follow me back? thanks!